Projected age of retirement
for current workers.

Data that is false or fabricated.

Too much churn and
companies lose the cream.

The best data scientists turn
distilled information into pure gold.

Guatemala has the largest CW
compared to population in Americas.

As some jobs become out of date,
others emerge.

In a conformity string, we call attributes
that impact cost and availability of
qualified job candidates "pieces of work".

1 in 3
# of working Americans in
the contingent workforce.

Projected growth office/clerical
staffing 2013.

Companies implementing proper
measures during offboarding.

Singapore was world's top CW
productivity market 2014.

Data Scientist: the most wanted
job by employers on LinkedIn
in 2014.

Belgium has the highest tax burden in EU.

Ratio of robots to employees in Korea,
highest level in the world.

Employers who find paying
freelancers cumbersome.

The big star in our universe is Data Centauri.

% of American workforce projected
to be freelance by 2020.

Predictive analysis is only as
insightful as the analysts.

Data should never be sugar coded.

A good strategy stretches without
changing its basic shape.

Average length of unemployment
of managerial candidates.

# of workers with tenuous
ties to employers.

% of senior HR officers identifying
talent management as top HR issue.

CW population at average
large company.

France has the highest
tax burden in EMEA.

% of Fortune 100 who’ve
implemented a VMS.

Shortage of US managers able to
analyze big data and make decisions
based on findings.

Amount NHS spends on
temp staffing.

Independent contractors can
be reclassified by Irish courts.


To find answers, we formulate questions.
Then question the questions.

< 20
% of private sector workers receiving
employer sponsored health insurance
by 2025.

  • The Final Act: Will VMS fulfill buyer expectations while addressing supplier needs?

    CWS 3.0: August 1, 2014

    By Jason Ezratty

    If the history of vendor management systems were to be played out in a movie, the opening scene would consist of a young, scrappy VMS being chased by angry, well-dressed staffing companies who want VMS off their turf.

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    CWS 3.0: July 30, 2014

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    The stats tell the story: eMarketer predicts by the end of 2014, nearly 25 percent of the world’s total population will use smartphones.

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    SI Review: May 19, 2014

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  • Natural tie: Why your program should include services spend

    CWS 3.0: October 1, 2014

    By Sarah Koshiol

    Based on recent studies, the top priority going forward for 80 percent of companies currently with an established VMS/MSP contingent workforce program, is to expand their program to include services spend.

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  • Fieldglass Acquisition Validates Industry

    CWS 3.0: May 7, 2014

    By Jason Ezratty

    It’s been six weeks since the announcement came out that SAP would acquire Fieldglass.

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  • Contingent Worker Parity and Co-employment Risks

    CWS 3.0: March 19, 2014

    By Christopher Minnick

    Governments around the world are enacting new laws to achieve pay and benefits parity between contingent workers and employees.

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  • Be fair: Enforceable indemnification agreements will follow

    CWS 3.0: November 5, 2014

    By Bryan Peña and Christopher Minnick

    Perhaps the most consistently sore point in contracting for staffing suppliers is overbroad (sometimes comically so, at least from their perspective) indemnification agreements they are forced to sign in order to do business with some clients.

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  • Preventive Care Around Supplier Alliances = Healthy Ties

    CWS 3.0: January 8, 2014

    By Kay Colson

    The effect of and reliance on strategic staffing suppliers is being felt in every sector of the economy as the demand for skilled labor and flexibility continues to increase.

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  • The Dawn of Productivity-Based Billing

    CWS 3.0: November 6, 2013

    By Christopher J. Minnick

    The traditional bill-by-the-hour approach to services is a relic of a dying economic age.

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  • Big Data Must Be Meaningful

    CWS 3.0: October 16, 2013

    By Kay Colson

    Big data is everywhere. Innovative technologists are introducing new solutions and tools daily, enticing us to “cut through the big data clutter” and “access timely and accurate insights.”

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  • Why the VMS Pricing Structure Matters

    CWS 3.0: October 2, 2013

    By Ben Walker

    As vendor management systems (VMS) continue to get more mature, flexible and complex each year, I pose a question to both the buyers and sellers of these important software tools.

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  • Expert’s Corner: Changing directions

    SI Review: August 22, 2013

    By Kay Colson

    Be prepared to fill clients’ unexpected needs even if it means altering your pitch.

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  • VMS/MSP Pricing Models

    CWS 3.0: August 14, 2013

    By Christopher Minnick

    Are buyers of contingent labor fed up with the “percent of spend under management” pricing model for MSP and VMS solutions? Here's a look at the state of affairs around pricing models.

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  • Why Annual Program Assessments Are a Must

    CWS 3.0: July 17, 2013

    By Christopher Minnick

    With the U.S. temporary staffing market projected to grow 6 percent in 2013 to $105.3 billion and another 6 percent in 2014 to reach $111.5 billion, the industry is near its historical peak in terms of spend.

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  • Pricing Payrolling Services

    CWS 3.0: June 19, 2013

    By Christopher Minnick

    With an aging population and a shift toward flexible working relationships, companies are continuing to put resources toward building specialized programs designed specifically for older workers (e.g., “semi-retired”) in an effort to retain talent. Using third-party payrolling services is a common and effective way to engage these workers.

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  • Leveraging the 21st Century Workforce

    CWS 3.0: June 5, 2013

    By Kay Colson & Jim Halling

    The contract labor force is growing twice as rapidly as the traditional workforce.

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  • Are You Ready to Launch?

    SI Review: April 24, 2013

    By Kay Colson

    Make sure you go in with eyes wide open, big bucks and a meticulous plan detailing the best and worst outcomes before offering RPO

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  • Best Practices When Adopting an RPO Model

    CWS 3.0: May 15, 2013

    By Kay Colson 

    Are you thinking about outsourcing your recruitment process? It can be a viable approach for the right company and yield great rewards.

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  • Avoiding Negative Effects of Policy Changes

    CWS 3.0: May 8, 2013

    By Ben Walker

    A couple weeks ago, while facing a three-hour flight delay because of the sequester-induced FAA furloughs, I became interested in how the budget cuts were impacting air traffic controllers.

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  • Buy-In: The Power of a Good Problem Statement

    CWS 3.0: February 27, 2013

    By Christopher Minnick

    I recently had a conversation with a procurement professional who is responsible for overseeing a couple hundred million in professional service spend.

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  • Setting the Right Workforce Mix

    CWS 3.0: January 30, 2013

    By Christopher Minnick

    Lewis Carroll famously wrote: “If you don’t know where you are going, any road will get you there.” This is true in life and in business.

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  • Power Seller: Winning the Deal

    SI Review: December 27, 2011

    By Kay Colson

    Every savvy sales person knows that winning a deal starts with getting the client’s attention, establishing a connection and listening to understand what the client really needs …

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  • Perspective Column: Affordability of Health Insurance for Temps

    CWS: May 26, 2011

    By Ben Walker

    From Washington, to Wall Street, to Main Street, the availability and affordability of health insurance coverage is a topic discussed widely and frequently in the United States these days.

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  • Growing with Your VMS

    CWS 3.0: February 15, 2011

    By Jason Ezratty

    Vendor Management System (VMS) solutions continue to mature, both as software products as well as companies.

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  • The Other SOW

    CWS 3.0: July 30, 2010

    By Jason Ezratty

    Three programmers walk into a bar. After ordering beers and exchanging pleasantries, they begin discussing what they do for a living.

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  • On the Horizon

    CWS 3.0: June 29, 2010

    By Jason Ezratty

    Human resources are the most valuable resources your company has.

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